ARKADE PvE Extreme Cluster

ARKADE PvE Extreme Cluster

ARKADE's PvE Extreme Cluster is specially designed to offer the most extreme Ark experience possible. Arkade Extreme is a curated experience for those players who are looking for a much more difficult and challenging environment based on various complete overhaul mods, along with some other major enhancements. This cluster currently offers 2 maps.

PvE Extreme

Extreme Mods

Head to Steam for a list of our Mods on Extreme (Hit Subscribe to All!): Mods on Steam (Most updated)

  1. DinoOverhaul X (DOX)
  2. ColStax V2 - Stacks/Weights, DLC Engrams, & More
  3. Structures Plus [94 MB]
  4. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered []
  5. Dino Storage v2 [60 MB]
  6. Awesome Spyglass [7 mb]
  7. Dino Tracker [22 mb]
  8. ARKADE Extras [98 mb]
  9. WShop [3 mb]

Extreme Rates

S+ Engram Override - Currently configured so that all A+ engrams that have a vanilla version will replace and hide those vanilla engrams. This greatly reduces complexity for players, and reduces engram lag also.

Gamma adjustments are disabled on Extreme: We know this is an adjustment to some players that are used to being able to modify their Gamma settings, however Wildcard put a great deal of time and effort into the "nighttime" experience in Ark. It should be a challenge to navigate and explorer during the nighttime hours. There are many items in the game designed to help with this that PvE players many never have used before. Without Gamma the nighttime in Ark is a whole new world for players to experience!

Players can only use their own beds: - When placing beds on Extreme, beds are individually owned by players themselves, so players will each need to place their own beds in whichever locations they wish to spawn at or travel to. Players cannot spawn on or travel to beds belonging to other players in their tribe. This is to encourage all players in a tribe to travel around the map themselves rather than relying on their tribemates. Players can see which beds belong to which players by looking at the bed. Each bed will show a "Personal Owner" tag indicating which player it belongs to.


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